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Gain matched plugins

Hi, I’ve come across a free eq plug-in called TDR SlickEQ which has a built in level matching tool.

I was amazed at how useful it is, and am also aware of a plug-in in ableton in max for live called volume compensator where it adjusts the level – reading the signal level before and then automatically adjusting the gain after one or more plugins on a channel as you mess with the plug-in parameters.

Is there a feature like this in Logic Pro X?

I mean sure you can put a stock level metering plug-in on a track as the last plug-in, fiddle with a compressor before it and then add a gain plug-in and adjust the gain so you can AB with and without compression at the same level to the ears.

Is there an easier way to do it, in logic?

If not, are there any free plugins that do this?

If not that, any paid plugins?

Would like to use this with plugins I own that don’t have a metering tool or auto level matching such as some saturators or whatever is necessary


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