Macbook 2015 suddenly doesn’t turn on anymore

My 12 inch MacBook was fine in the morning, I closed the lid and that same evening it doesn’t turn on anymore. I’ve tried everything; charging with different cables/adapter (I can feel the battery warm up), SMC reset (tried various times, no response), safe boot (no response), PVRAM (no response), tried to hold off/on button for various times, different combinations of keyboard sets… no response whatsoever. I don’t hear the fan come on, nor does the cap locks light up nor can I hear any chime sounds.

The strange thing is that when I plug the adapter in I can make the touch pad click, but when I take the adapter out the touch pad seems dead as well. This makes me think the logic board is still operating…?

Some background info: Macbook had no issues whatsoever and I’ve barely used it all these years. I never dropped it and never had any water damage. I live in Mexico, but use a European adapter with a convertible plug. I am thinking the Mexican surge peaks could have caused the battery to die? Any thoughts on this and how to fix it? I am living far away from any Apple store…

another reason could be the sea breeze causing moisture damage? I live a few meters from the beach but never take my MacBook out of my house.

Would appreciate any advice! Thanks

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