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Bluetooth is terrible on iphone 11 (13.1.3)

So i have been using two separate bluetooth devices, one is a Anker soundcore 2 speaker and the other are a pair of Mpow T5 earbuds

The Anker soundcore is by far the worst offender, the sound quality seems degraded and poor overall and randomly, completely randomly it will kind of fade the music for a micro second and then return to "normal" again

I do not get dropouts but the performance is just poor, i believe this device uses bluetooth 4.2? i,m almost certain it does

On my Mpow T5 earbuds the problem is purely the quality of the sound, i have no fade issues or anything and they are bluetooth 5 so make of that what you will, they certainly seem to be performing a lot lot better than my soundcore 2

The reason i know its the Iphone and not my devices is because when i use my spare phone, a Pocophone F1 they both work flawlessly, no fade issues, no bad quality sound, absolutely perfection, the sound quality is like night and day, Beautiful and rich when using the Poco F1 and rather rubbish when using my Iphone 11

My iphone is about 10 days old, but i have also seen a lot of other people having all kinds of issues with their bluetooth connections so am wondering do i go ahead and return my Iphone for a new one or could it simply be the software 13.1.3?

To say i am disappointed is an understatement, my Poco F1 cost a fifth of what this Iphone did

Suggestions ?

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