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pdf file in book app for ipad air unstable

pdf fles in ipad with up to date ios and book app unstable. download to device harddrive disrupted arbitrarily with a need to re download . then there is a communication problem with contact through

apple customer desk. lack of knowledge or interest , and various obstacles when asking for the so called

engineering people to get involved or the customer relations people to hear about improving the

intereaction. In both cases the mediator I talk to cannot get these other areas of apple to get on phone

with me

But primarily it is a technical glitch. Could have proceeded with what looks like a download of a number of pdf files to book app so that as presumed test I can access them in area with no wifi signal and therefore no cloud connection and yet I could come to a place where there is a good wifi sigmnal

and all of a sudden all these files have reverted to the cloud and have to be all mostly manually

re downloaded to book

s'up with that ?


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