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My Photo Stream does not update

How can I force My Photo Stream to update? I love the idea of Photo Stream, but the reality is it just does not work in a dependable manner. I have read all the Apple Support directions on turning Photo Stream off and on on all devices, etc. I have followed all of those directions to a T on multiple occasions, and I can never get it to sync when I need. Yes, both devices are on a wi-fi network. Yes, I have shut down the photo programs. Yes, I have turned off Photo Stream on each device, and then switched it back on. It updates, but often not for 1-2 days. Why is there no way to force-sync? I'm not paying to move my photos to iCloud, and it is a hassle to import all of my photos via Air Drop when Photo Stream should serve this function.

Any ideas that are not already in the Apple Support trouble-shoot page for Photo Stream?

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