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Synced album artwork is not that of my Music library in macOS Catalina

I synced my iPhone XS Max with the Finder app in macOS Catalina, and the album artwork on it is all messed up. For example, the songs that are clean have a parental advisory sticker on the album artwork where the artwork was supposed to be clear of any parental advisory sticker. Same for my explicit songs. On the explicit songs, the artwork has been changed to an album artwork made for a clean song. On top of that, on some of my complete collections of albums from AC/DC, it shows the album artwork for the ‘74 Jailbreak – EP for the complete collection of albums by AC/DC, even though in my Music app on macOS Catalina, everything shows up correctly. Same for my complete The Beatles collection, the artwork is the same for all of

the songs but the artwork is from the album Please Please Me.

What can I do in macOS Catalina to fix this issue for my Music app on my iPhone?

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