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Purchased music on iPhone won’t play; Apple Music ad shows up instead

I wanted to play some purchased songs on my iPhone XS Max using the iOS Music app. I am not currently subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match, for good reason. When I tap on a purchased song that I synced to my iPhone in macOS Catalina’s Finder app, it doesn’t play. Instead, it shows an Apple Music ad saying, “Play this song, and many other songs in Apple Music for $9.99/month.” How can I get rid of this ad pop-up in iOS 13.1.3? How can I play my purchased music again on my iPhone?

Note: Something I should mention is that I synced my iPhone using my 15” MacBook Pro (Mid-2018) in the Finder app on macOS Catalina 10.15. Before iTunes was killed off this year, and before I upgraded to macOS Catalina, I was able to play my purchased music on my iPhone.

Thanks for whoever reads this!


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