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Are USB 3.1 (2nd gen) ports which the MacBook Pro (2019) uses compatible with the external wired Apple keyboard?

I'm currently using the MacBook Pro 2019 and would like to use it with my external (wired) Apple keyboard (A1243) via Apple's USB-C to USB adapter.

But unfortunately, that MacBook regularly doesn't recognize that keyboard (it doesn't show up in System Information). Using a different adapter or resetting the SMC or NVRAM doesn't solve it either.

Since that keyboard (it uses USB 2.0) works perfectly fine on my old MacBook Pro (2011) which has USB 2.0 ports, I'm thinking that this could be the reason why these problems occur on my new MacBook which uses USB 3.1 (2nd generation) ports. Moreover, I've heard that USB 3.1 isn't backward-compatible. But isn't it irrelevant when I use an adapter?

So, is it known if the ports of the MacBook Pro 2019 aren't compatible with USB 2.0 cables connected via an adapter? Or is it the adapters that are causing these issues?

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