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Watching TV on iMac suddenly a problem

A week ago I upgraded my iMac to Catalina (bought NIB 11 months ago). Since then streaming recordings from my Comcast DVR to my iMac is problematic. All devices in the house (TVs, receiver, DVR, Blu-Ray, ATVs, iMacs) are ethernetted. WiFi is only for phones and tablets. Even though iMac and DVR are on the same wired network, playback of recordings from the DVR is not direct. The recording leaves the house to a Comcast server somewhere and is streamed back to the iMac. I use Safari exclusively to watch the stream, whether live or recorded.

Since the upgrade recordings play briefly and then fail. Comcast has checked everything on their end and can do nothing else. Live streaming works properly.

I solved the problem by clearing browser cache and rebooting. That works for a while (couple of days) before having to repeat. Clearing the browser cache is a hassle, due to loss of various log-ins to various websites, especially those with 2-factor enabled. I would like to have this problem resolved permanently, but am at a loss. And as noted, Comcast can do nothing on their end.

Has anyone experienced this type of problem, especially since the Catalina upgrade? Any words of wisdom?

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