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Apple Music 4 Month Free Trial Via Shazam – Impossible!

When using Shazam every Apple Music link brings up a "4 Month Free Trial" For Apple Music. If you press the link a page comes up showing a redemption code and either a REDEEM button or CANCEL button. When I press the REDEEM button, it goes gray for a couple of seconds and then does NOTHING.

I have the latest OS and Shazam app. I have restarted the apps and my phone. I also deleted the SHAZAM app and reinstalled it. Still nothing.

I called Apple Support and emailed Shazam and they have not been helpful at all. In fact, embarrassingly these support folks had no idea that Apple purchased Shazam!

It would seem Apple primarily bought Shazam to feed customers into Apple Music … but its integration, QC and support is surprisingly third rate at best. Do better Apple, much better.

Has anyone been able to get the "4 Month Free Trial" to work.

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