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Automator for Academic Workflow [Endnote X9 and Scrivener]

I have tried to figure this out on Automator but it is beyond my technical capacity. Can someone please advise?

I want to automate the process of my PDF highlights and notes being added to an application (Scrivener).

Manual Workflow:

  • Open Endnote X9
  • Select, read , highlight and make notes on a PDF (either in Endnote or Preview)
  • Close Endnote

Then, I'd like Automator to:

  • Scan the Endnote folder to identity any PDFs that I've updated with highlights/notes/annotations
  • Convert the highlights/notes/annotations to plaintext
  • Add the plaintext to a Scrivener file.

Is this possible?

I can see the highlights and notes in the Inspector box, and I can manually add highlighted text to Scrivener via services, but I'd like to automate part of the workflow as much as possible.

(Please don't suggest I use a different PDF viewer or reference manager app – I'm on an institutional computer and using what's approved).

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