macOS Mojave

time machine can't see all backups

I upgraded a MacBook Air to Catalina, then discovered incompatible software, so I started the process to downgrade back to Mojave. I have two Time Machine backups:

  1. My regular backup to a Synology Diskstation on my network (shared by 4 other Macs on the same network)
  2. A one-off Time Machine backup to a 1TB USB drive

After backing up, I erased the drive, and installed Mojave. Once completed, I restarted into recovery mode and selected the option to restore a backup.

I am able to connect to my Synology drive, and I can see and access 2 of the 4 Time Machine backups on the Synology, just not the one I need to restore. I confirmed permissions on the Synology, and I can't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to access that specific backup.

So… I try to access the USB drive. Similar story. I can see the drive, and I can see another backup, but not the one for the computer in question.

From a different Mac, I'm able to view the Time Machine backup I need in both locations.

Any idea why this specific MacBook Air can not see it's own backups, but can see Time Machine backups from other computers?


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