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Drafts in Mac mail won't save and they disappear

I can't work out how to save a draft of an email – they either won't save or keep disappearing, even if I manually put them in the draft folder. I have used Mac Mail fora long time and it used to be that you would be working on an email, you could hit save, it would go into the draft folder, and you could come back to it when you were ready. Now I hit save and there is nothing there, either under iCloud emails or gmail emails. If I search I can see the email I was working on (a version for every 30 seconds I was working on it…) under "Archives" but if I try to access it, I can make no changes, and if I drag it to drafts it seems to go in the folder then disappears. Really frustrating

I am on a MacBook Air, it is up to date (Catalina 10.15). It has to be something in settings but I haven't changed anything, it has been going on for the last few months.

ta, Kate

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