iCloud on my iOS device

iCloud iOS upgrade blew up my Reminders folders connect through Outlook!!

I had connected iCloud to Outlook so I could have Reminders, Calendar, Notes and other features sync up on my iPhone and SurfacePro. This latest iOS release blew that connection up as it removed all of the Reminder folders/tasks I created under the iCloud folder!! So where did those folders & reminders go and can expect Apple to reinstate that feature?? The new view of 'Reminders' isn't very user friendly and the ability to add, modify, update Reminders are different via iPhone vs. signing into my iCloud account via my computer. UGH!

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i was requested to remove my i phone from i cloud by the insurance company to be able to make a claim, i did tgis now they are saying its registered with Apple as lost ? please advise


does icloud store imessages


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