macOS Catalina

Dropbox App is not working on macOS

I am running macOS Catalina (10.15) and I have installed Dropbox's app version 83.4.152 (83.4.152), and when using the Dropbox app I have a lot of folders and files I want to make Online Only to save storage on my hard drive. When I click on a folder/file and use the hamburger menu on the right and select Smart Sync and then click Online Only it does not persist and the files/folders do not get marked with the Online flag.

I have checked with Dropbox and they say its an Apple problem per this link:

Here is a screen shot: Dropbox App is not working on macOS

So can anyone give me an assist or how do you send this issue on to the Apple team for macOS? I am a new Mac user.

Thank you.

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