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Content Restriction – Need Help


Extremely concerned Mom emailing about the Content Restriction on your phone.

I am a happy user of your Family Feature/Content & Privacy Restriction controls you have. It successfully allows me to block Safari access, set time limits on his device. It is a wonderful feature I tell all my friends about. 

The issue I have is the content restriction on MY phone. I am a mother to a 6-year-old boy who at time will use my iPhone. I have seen my son search for terms like “Butt” and “Boobs” on the device search tool (when you swipe down and have a general search bar on top of of the screen). Doing so will result in a “Siri Suggested Website” with picture of topless girl linked to website Rbr*** (WARNING: this is a graphic video **** site). 

So after I “get-over” the shock of my 6-year old being exposed to **** and “get-over” me being an absolute failure to protect my child’s innocence. I “Restrict” this website in particular along with other adult content from my device. Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content : Limit Adult Website and/or Allowed Website Only  where I explicitly put Rbr*** in the “Never Allow” category. 

Ok, Cool, Looks like I “fixed” the problem. I put my phone down and go about my life feeling as though I have blocked Adult Content from my phone…. I was wrong.

So weeks later, my son was using my phone and there it is again! The **** Site Rbr*** I am traumatized again!!

It is EXTREMELY easy to allow the user of the phone to “allow” restricted websites with just ONE click. ONE CLICK!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

So questions to Parents out there, how do you control this? Need help!!

To the Apple Engineers reading I want to paint a clear picture. I have my phone set to Content Restriction > Allowed Websites Only. This is the most strict measure of Content Restrictions you have on Apple devices. The only websites allowed on my Safari is the one listed on this particular list. Fine, great. Seems like I am in control, but this is NOT true! From this screen, I go to my Safari app. I type in in the browser, the screen loads and I see “You cannot browse this page at “” because it is restricted.” … that's a great start however just right under this line is a blue link that says “Allow Website”. I click it and browser clears out and I am on my home screen, I then click the Safari app again and there it is, 

To make this crystal clear. I have not touched my Settings, it is in “Allowed Websites Only”. I swipe down on the home screen and type in “boob”, I see a topless girl and click on the particular “Siri Suggested Website” Rbr*** Brings me to Safari, I get the warning screen with the link at the bottom “Allow Website”. I click on it, the screen disappears, I am at my home-screen and so I click Safari app, and there it is ****, live **** on my phone with ONE CLICK to unrestricted content. 

Why do you have this link “Allow Website”, under the restricted Message? It is crazy to me I had to dig in my phone Settings, nestled in five clicks deep to even restrict content on my phone, and for you to allow an easy one-click in the Safari browser to undo the restrictions blows my mind. 

Please fix this. 

I will be happy to answer or provide feedback on this and any other suggested modifications. I also have several other suggestions/ tweaks regarding parental controls that you might find useful.

Thank you for your time, 


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