Since Upgrade to Catalina 10.15.4 Security Privacy Issues

Since upgrading to latest update 10.15.4 my Wacom tablet and Epson Scanner and Printer no longer work. Keep getting tons of Security Privacy error messages popping up. I followed the directions to add all the software to Accessibility and input monitoring and make sure its checked and restarted a million times. I even tried the adding the programs to full disc access which worked for Adobe Bridge last time. Thank god i didn't update on my MacBook Pro which is all I can use now. My iMac (2017) is literally unusable. These security privacy issues that Catalina created has done nothing to protect me just made all my Mac devices pieces of junk. Im thinking I would rather live on the edge of getting hacked if I could at least use my devices. Catalina has almost made me miss being a Windows user. Too many glitches to even put in one post. I HATE CATALINA!!!!

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