macOS Catalina

I can’t print in color from Catalina.

I am setting up a new HP ENVY Photo 6255 printer with my MacBook Pro (early 2013) running MacOS Catalina (v10.15.3). When I print from Pages or TextEdit or Safari, the printer only prints in black and white. When I print the same file or webpage from my iPad, ios 13.3.1, it prints in color.

There is another older MacBook in the house running the older MacOS El Capitan. It can print the file or webpage in black and white or in color. Under El Capitan’s Print dialog the third line has a checkbox that allows you to print the page in “Black and White”, or when unchecked, in color. Under Catalina’s Print dialog, there are only options for number of copies and “Two-Sided”. In the Presets dropdown menu there are options for “Black and White” and “Black and White – Draft”, but no Color option.

Is there something about MacOS Catalina that is incompatible with the HP ENVY Photo 6255?

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