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Why don't all of my iPhone photos (and DCIM folders) show up in Windows Explorer when I connect it to my PC

I have over 3000 photos on my iPhone, but only about 150 are showing up in Windows Explorer when I plug in my phone.

In fact, (for some reason) I also have been unable to transfer all my photos from my phone to my PC this way, the last few times I have tried. I like to remove all my photos from my phone every few months (I take a lot of pics). I am now using iCloud Backup, but still want to be able to remove my pics from my phone to my PC. I did see an article about transferring the photos as if my phone was a USB, so will try that for transferring; however, not being able to see/access all the photos in Windows Explorer is still an issue.

Any suggestions for fixes seeing all the photos in Win Explorer? Thank you!

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