iCloud on my PC

Syncing photos in iCloud for Windows with iCloud Photos

Using iCloud for Windows, I understand that I can download all my photos from iCloud Photos to my PC. Also understand that new photos will be automatically downloaded from iCloud Photos and that photos I put in the iCloud Photos Uploads folder will automatically be uploaded to iCloud Photos.

What I don’t know yet is:

  • When iCloud Photos photos are deleted, are the same photos on my PC also deleted?
  • Same question in reverse: Are photos deleted on my PC also deleted in iCloud Photos?
  • If both (or either) of the above are true, is there a setting I can change so that deletes only work in one direction, e.g., iCloud Photos deletions delete PC photos but PC photo deletions do not delete iCould Photos (and vice versa)?

Essentially, I'm asking if there's synchronization available between iCloud for Windows and iCloud?

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