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Apple ID gone …

My apple ID was disabled because my husband accidentally charged back a purchase he didn't recognize on our joint account and when I called in I was told that I would not be able to get my account back period. I had to create a new apple id. I have itunes on there with years of music stored… gone. I have documents, photos, videos etc on my icloud from years (I have had a 2 TB subscription) …. gone. I have years worth of purchased apps with stored info on them… gone and would need to rebuy hundreds of dollars worth of apps… really??


I can keep my ID (with my whole life on it) and never be able to download another app again or update any app or pay for my icloud subscription till I eventually lose everything anyway.

This makes me not even trust apple with my info, my money or anything anymore and I am a huge apple fan.

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Apple ID




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