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Mail preview is displaying mail header, etc Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  jjknigh Latest update on the question 2 replies 18 views asked by  jjknigh User profile for user: AntonioDo AntonioDo User level: Level 1 iPad OS Connectivity aka Syncing to macOS Catalina

i have IPad Air 3rd gen, – since the most recent update (13.1.3), my mail preview screen is not consistently displaying headers and 2 lines of the mail. Instead, there are empty areas in the listing, and when I select the empty area, the mail content becomes visible, and most times, the mail header and 2 lines then become visible in the preview, but not always. I sometimes have to rpeatmepselecting and closing several times before it becomes visible permanently in the preview.

i have closed mail, powered off my device completely, and in settings, have re-selected my prior settings for preview and mail, and the problem appears corrected, but then issue starts again.

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