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My Mac’s Music program keeps loosing songs.

My Mac’s Music program keeps loosing songs.

I have Catalina and Apple Music.

This is an old problem which is getting worse.

Sometimes I look at playlists and find songs marked with a circle with a “!” inside.  The music app no longer knows where that song is, but will let me find it. Typically, I have to use a file finding utility to locate where that song is.  Sometimes that song, which used to be on my Mac is gone. Right now “Music was not able to locate any of 74 missing files”.

I can’t sort by “!” to find these.  But lots of these are accompanied by the cloud indicator.  The cloud indicator may have a “!” in it or be waiting download.  I wish I could tell Music to download all of them at once instead of selecting them one by one. Or better yet, never, never delete them from my Mac.

When I click on a song with the “!” cloud, I get this message “This item was not added to your Cloud Music Library because an error occurred.”  That’s useless.

I have songs with cloud with the down arrow.  If I right-click on them, I don’t get the option to find them in the finder. I click some and they grey out as though they will be downloaded, and I see the message “Downloading 1 item”.  I did that an hour ago, it’s still downloading.

I have clouds with a slash through them for songs “Not eligible for iCloud library”.  I don’t know why, but I want them back on my Mac!  They used to play before I got Apple Music.  I can find the songs on my Mac and click on them and they play.  If I click on that song that just played on my Music app, it asks for my AppleID and password, reauthorizes my Mac to play them, and then won’t play them.

Sometimes I get double cloud icons with slash.  They play when I select them.

I have songs with a cloud with an “X” in them: “This song has been deleted from your Cloud Music Library, and does not appear on any of your iOS devices using your Cloud Music Library.”  I can play them though.

I have songs with dotted clouds that are grayed out.  I can find them and click on them in my finder.  The greyed out song appears to be playing.  But I still can’t select that song from the app.

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