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Problem with my 16" Macbook Pro and Acer monitor

A few months ago I bought an Acer XR342CK and it worked fine with my 2015 Macbook Pro using a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. I later decided to buy the newer 16-inch MBP as well as a USB-C to DisplayPort cable from Uni. I plugged my new laptop to the Acer monitor using the new cable and it would go black and turn back on every few seconds.

Thinking it was the cable that might be the problem I plugged the 16" MPB to a Dell monitor using the same Uni cable and it worked fine. Then I borrowed a 2018 MBP and used that same cable to connect it to the Acer monitor and it also worked fine.

I contacted Acer and I was told that since the 2015 and 2018 MPB (both via DisplayPort), along with a Nintendo Switch I had connected via hdmi, all worked fine with the monitor, the problem was with the 16" MBP.

Can someone tell me if they know where the problem is? Frankly I am completely stumped.


In case anyone is wondering this is the cable I bought:

I'll also leave my 16" MBP specs in case it might help:

2.3GHz 8-core i9 processor

Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB



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