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Airdrop on MacBook Pro only sends to my phone if I open a separate phone and attempt to airdrop a random photo to my phone as well.

I know this is really confusing, but that's why I've come here to ask the question. No one that I can find has ever encountered this problem. I'm asking this forum as a last resort.

I want to be able to airdrop "Picture A" to "My iPhone" from "My MacBook Pro." I'm giving them names now so that this won't get confusing. The only way that "My iPhone" appears as an airdrop option for "My MacBook Pro" to send "Picture A" to is if I take an "Alternate iPhone" and do the following:

On the Alternate iPhone:

Step 1: Select "Photos" from the home screen

Step 2: Select Random Picture

Step 3: Select the "Share" icon

At this point on the Alternate iPhone, "My iPhone" is listed as a possible airdrop option, and the almost immediately afterwards, "My iPhone" also appears as an option for airdrop on "My MacBook Pro" allowing me to send "Picture A" to "My iPhone."

Why in the world would it take me using a different iPhone completely to initiate the airdrop sequence for my macbook pro to recognize my own iPhone?

Furthermore – "My MacBook Pro" never shows up as an option for any of my devices to send a picture to. I have never been able to airdrop pictures to my macbook pro.

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT** – I am running macOS Catalina 10.15.3 on my MacBook pro and iOS 13.4 on my iPhone. I have tried everything you can find on google with regards to restarting, signing out and back in of iCloud, turning bluetooth on and off, turning wifi on and off, Resetting the NVRAM, turning off do not disturb.

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