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Where can I find free CD/DVD cataloging software?

I used DiskTracker for years and years. I have files that go back to the mid-1990's and have a huge CD/DVD backup in a box. Occassionlly, I need to find an old file in there. I use to be able to launch DiskTracker and find it quickly. Only problem is, I have a 2018 Mac mini now with Mojave 10.14.6 (not ready to update) and DiskTracker is only compatible with Yosemite. Now, I am crippled and have no way of accessing my old CD/DVD's in the box. Ugh!

Does the App Store have anything for CD/DVD cataloging? You'd think. Or is that too archaic?

I want something really easy to use. Nothing I have to tear my hair out, with too many bells and whistles. Something real easy and brainless, LOL.

I'd appreciate any advice.

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