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Whatsapp Backup on iPhone 10 keeps restarting

I selected Backup Now in WhatsApp but the backup keeps restarting when it reaches 12%. I deleted several attachments to make the file smaller but the problem keeps repeating. The last backup that is showing in WhatsApp id Feb.16, 2020.

To further confuse the issue, my iCloud Backup is turned on and when I go to Manage Storage and looked at what is backed up, I see WhatsApp as being backed up to this morning, showing the lower file size (the size that I expected to see and which I confirmed when I looked at the storage date within the WhatsApp app) after I deleted the attachments from the messages.

The file that WhatsApp is stuck on trying to backup is the file before the attachments were deleted.

I tried hard restarting the device and resetting the network settings but nothing has worked to get past the stuck backup in the WhatsApp.

My iOS software is up to date.

I am at a lost as to what to do.

Can anyone assist.

Andrew R

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