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Logic Pro X plugins don’t validate

Hi, I recently bought Logic Pro X and suddenly LPX’s built-in effects plugins are not working as they should.

I’ve tried rescanning then in the Plugin Manager, and the first couple of plugins have validated, although it says Version number 1.6.0. The rest of the plugins have Version nr 10.4.8 – but they don’t validate when I try to rescan.

Is it correct that for example AUBandpass should be a 1.6.0 Version when using Logic Pro X?

(For info, my previous version was Logic Express 9 – I’ve been using Ableton for a number of year and only recently started using Logic and bought Pro X 10.4.8)

Could the problem be that Logic X plugins got confused by old Logic Express files/plugins??

Or, could it just be that Pro X plugins just haven’t installed correctly, or at all? I checked the Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components folder and can see that there aren’t any plugins listed there, so perhaps this could be the problem?? If so how do I install this? I have deleted Logic from my Applications folder a couple of times and restarted the machine but the Plugin Manager is still unable to rescan to are validate those plugins.

Any help is much appreciated! 🙂

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