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Error codes when formatting external disk to APFS

I get error codes when trying to reformat to APFS. This happens whether I try to partition, erase or convert the disk. Two examples below.


****when trying to do by Partitioning I get:

"An internal error has occurred. : (-69626)"


****When trying to do by Convert to APFS I get:

"A problem occurred during conversion from HFS to APFS

APFS Converter exit code is 1

Aborted conversion in commit mode so will restore type

Setting type of disk5s2 to HFS

Changing the physical disk partition type in shared mode

Partition modification attempt count was 1

Not mounting APFS Volume

Exiting conversion operations with error code -69860"

The disk appears to be normal and work normally in HFS according to DU and other testing.

I would like to use the disk for Catalina BU and need it to be in APFS format. Ideas?

Note the disk enclosure is USB 2.0 and Firewire interfaced – wondering if the controller in the enclosure might be the issue?

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