Why, oh why, cant I move a Safari tab to the far right edge without it creating a new instance of Safari?

Its been bugging me for a while, so I searched for a way to stop it: I found

which suggests theres a way to turn it off in settings for multi-tasking (along with some conceited b.s. about RTFM).

Well, surprise, surprise that setting is disabled for me, and its STILL creates a new window. More than once now I’ve accidentally opened a new instance without noticing, and then at some point noticed and accidentally shut down the wrong instance, loosing all my open tabs. Its bloody infuriating; introduce a feature that is unnecessary, expect me to “just get used to it”, give me no ability to revert to the way I’ve already learned to use my device (in fact, what ever happened to the principle of “default is no change, but give the user the option if they choose”?). Apple has seriously lost its way – just like Microsoft in the early 2000’s.

If there was a narrow zone where it DIDNT force a new window, maybe I could work around this “feature”. I’ve got different pages on separate tabs, why on earth is it considered a benefit to have different instances as well? Its just more complicated.

And then I was reading the above thread zoomed in (my eyesight is not what it was), scrolled to the left to read the next line, and bam! Suddenly its like hitting the back arrow. So I have to hit the forward arrow, and then faff around navigating on the page again to get back to reading where I left off. FFS, did anyone ASK for that feature? Why! We already have a back arrow, so if I want to go back, its perfectly good. Now I cant zoom in to read text unless I move around the screen really carefully – there are so many of these damned features, if I slide left in landscape whilst winking at the camera on a Uesday, the f-ing thing does something new that I’m then supposed to go and find out what, and how to undo it! I dont want to RTFM everytime the OS updates, I just want it to f-ing work.

C’mon Apple, “do no harm”, leave it alone or let us turn this extra complexity off.

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