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Mac Pro 2013 Constant Thermal Shutdowns

Hi all!

I recently bought a 2013 Mac Pro (trashcan) refurbished for a good deal for video editing. I made sure to get the d300 gpu so it would have a lesser chance of the graphics overheating issue I've heard about. I got the 12 core with 64gb of ram so I would rather not have to send it back if I can find a work around or fix the issue. With the Apple stores closed I cannot take it in just yet to get a diagnosis.

It seemed solid until I started editing long form content (45 minute videos). It would randomly shutdown in the middle of using final cut, premiere, and media encoder. I use smc fan control to keep fans at max speed while editing and it seems to shutdown around 120F consistently (I know the temp sensor from the program isn't the most accurate but that seems just mildly warm). My 2014 Macbook Pro has never shutdown from this and has rendered 45 minute videos back to back with no issues. For reference it shows 156F is the highest the temps I ever get on the MacBook on Mojave. On the Mac Pro, Catalina would give me a previous shutdown cause of -62 (watchdog timeout) no matter what application was running.

Thinking it was Catalina I downgraded to Mojave. It had less issues and seemed a bit more stable, but now it again shuts down at 120F. Now the previous shutdown cause is 3 (multiple temp sensors too high) and occasionally 5 (normal shutdown).

I have reset the pram, smc and even had a box fan underneath it on a monitor riser that had airflow holes. I would rather not have to ship it back for a replacement if possible considering it will be close to a month of downtime. Even if there is no solution and there is an application to throttle the cpu on a process to keep it under the overheating temperature that would be preferable over returning it.

Any and all help is deeply appreciated

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