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USB Storage Device Mounts but is not visible in finder.

I'm noticing a pattern… when I plug a USB storage device in to my MacBook Pro, it mounts and is displayed in finder. The next time I plug in, disk utility shows it as mounted, but is doesn't show up in finder. This has happened with more than one USB flash drive.

So I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to a 1TB SSD, and installed the 500GB HD which I removed into a USB enclosure. The idea being that I would have access to files as I needed them and not fill the new drive with junk.

Again, it worked as planned on initial use, but now, it isn't visible in finder.

I checked with disk utility and it shows the drive as mounted, but it is not visible in finder anymore.

What's going on? Why after 1 use are USB storage devices that previously were mounted and accessible, mount but are not accessible?

Thank you

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