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"The lldb command requires the command line developer tools…." Please Help

Okay I am going to give anyone who is reading this a quick summary of my problem. I was playing this game on steam with my girlfriend all day (stardew valley if for some reason that is relevant) and towards the end of our session, the game crashed and I was prompted with a message that said "The lldb command requires the command line developer tools….". Basically, it wanted me to install something and I did, I reopened the game and it would freeze/crash every time I loaded into the game. It asked me for my settings password because it said that it needed access to do further debugging. Well, this still didn’t work and the game just crashes every time it is opened. I tried uninstalling steam and redownloading it, as well as the game. I also restarted my MacBook a couple times. Please any help would be appreciated

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