I want to place a Vimeo video on a web page. Vimeo provides iframes which do not work on Safari. I try to change the code to an object, but still doesn't work

I want to place a Vimeo video on a web page. Both YouTube & Vimeo provide iframes which I can NEVER GET TO WORK on Safari. Why they do this I do not understand. These iframes have never worked on Safari. Never.

However, objects do work, but only with YouTube. How can I embed a Vimeo video to play on Safari? Neither iframes nor objects work.

I've cleared my cache. I've checked all of the settings for the video. I have tried object code. I have tried iframe code. I have tried Shockwave-Flash. None of it works. All I can see is a blank space on the page where the video is supposed to be. Nothing happens. Nothing changes.

The only embeded video I am able to post on a page recently is YouTube and that is ONLY via objects.

Please help. This is very frustrating. Other people seem to be able to get this to work, but none of the solutions I have found that work for others work for me. They don't work for me.


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