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Iphone X touch problem

Hello Apple Community,

My iphone was working fine until 3 months back. It suddenly cropped up with this problem, where my iphone X auto clicks and the clicks are haphazard with no pattern. Sometimes it goes in loops and is struck at the same place, of all it happens intermittently. Later when I lock the phone and unlock it seems to work fine for few seconds and the problem resurfaces again.

I took the phone to apple authorized support store in AnnaNagar, Chennai (India).

First time when I went the service person said phone is working fine, because I wasnt able to reproduce the error at that instance.

Second time the issue occurred, I was able to reproduce the problem to them, then they checked my phone and asked me to take a backup of phone and submit it for repair. Before taking the phone they had reset the phone to factory settings. Kept the phone under monitoring mode for nearby 3 days and returned it saying the phone is fine and there is no problem as such.

Once when I returned home, I restored the phone and same issue cropped up within minutes.

When I went back asking the reason they said it might be due to faulty backup. I said them initially when I purchased iphone X, I upgraded my phone from iphone 6s, it has been working fine for nearly 9-10 months before this issue started. I said them, iphone cant be restored with android backup and that the backup was made using itunes and itunes is a proprietary product of apple.

I went on to ask the store person that 'both iphone and itunes is produced by apple brand and you are blaming the backup taken by itunes from iphone for the error', for which the store person had no answer.

I had also taken extended warranty for the phone. With such answers from support people in the store it is making me to rethink and re-consider about opting Apple products next time. We extend our price range to enjoy a product that works seamlessly with no outage/errors or problems. That is the reason we opt iphone even if it is priced premium.

I understand 1/100 cases would land up having problems, in this case it was me. But as a Apple customer we would expect extended support from Apple, rather getting such irresponsible answers and replies, especially when the customer is in grief and trauma of having taken multiple backs (which takes hours to get done and needless to say about restoring) and having visited the service centre three times already with no solution.

It been nearly 3 months since I used the phone normally. Is there anyone else who is facing the same issue?



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