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For some reason keychain lock keeps unlocking on its own!??

Something had prompted me to click on keychain padlock few days back. I noticed it was unlocked. Which was odd. Haven't used it for a long time. I remember in the past to access or change certain things, I have clicked on padlock, entered password and made changes and click it back to lock. It does not unlock on its own! Don’t remember how but got keychain icon in my dock. Its a bunch of keys. When I click on it, I see the padlock unlocked again! After I have clicked it to lock 4-5 times this evening, I am just checking it now every so often after locking it and its unlocked on its own each time! That does not seem right. I suspect my laptop’s security and privacy is compromised. Can’t understand who, why, how? Can someone share solutions to this?

Also, has anyone used apple support – that you call Apple’s tech support, they screen share your device and seem to trouble shoot the issue? I have been getting these weird phone calls – number on caller id says apple inc. I ignore it. Scammers. Ok. Looking to understand why keychain is unlocking again n again and what to do. Of course my laptop has a bunch of my personal info on it. Thanks!

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