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Mail's "Sent" folder is missing after iOS update


I have sent and replied to many emails using iPhone's Mail app, specially replying to my latest sent message twice! But suddenly when I tried to reply to my latest sent message again, I did not found the sent folder at all!

This is an important work message/conversation which it totally lost beside many other sent emails!

The only change I remember is updating my iOS multiple times so I guess it is the reason.

I am using multiple emails on same iPhone Mail App:

1- The sent folder is missing for another two emails (POP/SMTP) (but I am not sure if I sent a messages from them before or not).

2- The sent folder beside all other folders like Junk, trash, and custom folders are still there for my and Gmail emails (POP/SMTP).

I am using iPhone x (iOS 13.1.2).

Any information is appreciated!


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