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People & Places album (faces mixed up?) – HELP PLEASE!

Hi all, so recently I uploaded my photo collection to the iCloud to make some space on my iPhone 7, all was fine until I went into the People & Places album and it asked me to confirm additional photos. It wasn’t the person it thought it was and basically removed their whole section from said album. I then manually added that person back, being my wife, and began painstakingly getting photos back of her into correct folder, confirming it’s not myself in the pictures, etc.

Long story short it then removed me after adding further photos – not sure what’s going on but basically my iPhone thinks we’re the same person and won’t register her face in new photos?

Everyone else seems to be ok, just mine and the wife’s pictures, which typically there are thousands of. Last night I dug my old iPhone out to make sure the contact details were the same on iCloud, not sure if this helped or not as it added a load of older photos to my current phones camera roll! Is there a way to start fresh/totally remove a person? Or any other tips you can recommend please? It’s driving my phone OCD crazy 😆

Hope my question made sense and thank you for any help in advance, Ed.

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