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Screensaver does not load

Last night I woke up close to midnight, my MacBook Pro (15 in mid 2014) was displaying my desktop. I had the energy saver on so that the screen would go to black after a minute, but it now isn't taking effect.

Thursday evening I upgraded to OS Catalina 10.15.4. Thursday morning I downloaded software for a new printer HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 which allows me to print to it wirelessly. I had no issues Thursday night.

Last night when I saw that my computer was displayed, I thought to do a restart. The last thing I saw was a message displayed from my printer wanting me to run a test alignment. As it was the middle of the night, I went back to sleep. This morning, I've run the alignment, thinking the printer software was somehow preventing the energy saver to run.

However I've tried to set up a hot corner for the screensaver, and the screensaver won't run. The screen briefly changes to black, then back to the desktop. I've run the Disk Utility, and there aren't any errors.

I do not put my laptop to sleep, as I have a Plex drive hooked up, which allows me to watch videos using the Roku on my TV (I don't view it on my laptop). And well, my brother told me not to put the laptop to sleep due to the Plex drive hooked up.

Any thoughts, suggestions, on solving this issue? Thank you.

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