MacBook Air

external hard drive clicks

My WD MyPassport Ultra 1TB is clicking (known as click of death). I saw several videos about how the clicking would be generated by the head/arm being stuck on the platter and it could be fixed in diy-style by moving the head/arm off the platter. However when I opened it up it wasn't stuck. Anyone who knows what might then be the problem? The thing is, when I place the outer lid – which is unscrewed to access the platter – back on to the HD, but DON'T screw in the screws, it doesn't click. Only when I tighten the screws, it clicks. Bonus info: the HD is detected on my macbook Air in information profiler/information systems but not in disk utility or finder/desktop. I have reset and updated USB-ports, tried another Mac etc. Hope some of you can help! Cheers, Aske

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