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OS Catalina, short battery life on MacBook Pro 15" – 2016

Good evening, I own a MacBook Pro 15" late 2016 and a couple of weeks ago I updated to OS Catalina with also first official update some days after launch.

I noticed that since Catalina runs on my Mac the battery life has decreased a lot, about 80% less than before !

With Mojave the average battery duration was about 10 hours, now not more than 2,5 ! Really unbelievable.

Of course I made a full check up and test's results are ok, also battery is ok because the completed charge cycles are only 210 on 1000 as on Apple official technical support site.

So I can't think about any other explanation if not that this problem has been caused by OS Catalina.

Did anyone else notice the some behaviour after updated to OS Catalina ?

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