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Problem with a store

Good day ,

Well the problem is not an app , its about that i bought 2 leather case for iphone 11 pro max from usa store and when i arrive cairo i came to open them i found they are for iphone 11 pro so i opened the website apple.com as to find the closest dealer to me and i found tradeline store which is authorized by apple and he got the leather cases and i called them to just change them there , they told me no sorry we only replace if you took it from here .

I told them how come its from the original apple store and you are the dealer for them you should do it normally and to be honest this is just easy issue and i just want you to know and imagine how we are suffering with this dealer in all the issues from double pricing almost and bad services.

Please if there is an action that you can just do with that only simple issue about the 2 cases or if you can just let him respect the brand name .

Thank you for understanding and your time

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