Apple ID

hello, i do above steps that you mentioned, when my iphone want to boot, this device has been locked, please help me

Hello madam or sir

Could you please help me,

I purchased my iPhone "6 plus" about 5 years ago

And that year i set the apple id in this device

I just usually used my iPhone in the last few month (Normal use), but this

device alert me again and again for insert the password of this apple-id

I don’t know what happening for this account

When I insert the password, alert me this password in wrong

Last night I restore my iphone with laptop (ITUNES) and

after booting with new firmware 12.4.2

I realized that my

iphone has been locked with this apple id that I set 5 years ago

What can I do at the moment?

I have all data that set in my

apple id about security questions and birth of date

Please help me to unlock my


Many thanks

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