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AirPods 2nd Gen – Firmware 2A364 reduced the volume down to 30-40% in non-apple devices

When I bought new AirPods 2nd Generation, the firmware it came with was 1A673. When connected on my android phone (OnePlus 6T), the volume level on my android phone was quite loud and everything was good.

After connecting the AirPods to my iPad with iOS 13.1 version, the firmware on these airpods got updated to 2A364 and after that my android phone's music volume started getting low by almost 35-40%. I tried connecting with other android phones too still the issue was same.

But the phone calls volume has loud volume but low only on music and videos.

This issue is happening to everyone with this firmware update

Airpods 2nd Generation with firmware 2A364 has low music volume issue. from airpods

Airpods 2nd Generation (No wireless) low volume after update to 2A364 from airpods

Any solution for this apple?

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