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I have a 5 minute delay on incoming messages (on data as well as on wifi) most of the time i have to open whatsapp to receive messages otherwise it takes the full 5 mins I already did a reset on the setting of whatsapp and did a reset on my phones settings (iphone 11) also had this problem on my other iphones (6/6s). So i contacted whatsapp and they said the following:

When you receive a message or a call in WhatsApp, but aren't online, WhatsApp will automatically send a message to the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). This allows an alert to be displayed, even when WhatsApp is closed or when your phone's display is off. The message WhatsApp sends to APNS typically takes only a few milliseconds. Once the message is sent to APNS, any delays or failure to deliver the message as a push notification to your device are usually caused by issues with your phone or with your network's connection. Currently, all of our systems are operating normally.

They also said something about doing a clean install but i already did that and the problem is still there…

anybody any ideas on how to fix this?

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