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iPad OS Connectivity aka Syncing to macOS Catalina

Hello You All!

I am an Apple user for quite some time, almost since iPhone 1. In order to update my knowledge of the new iPad OS [13.x.x], I was viewing a training video by [now LinkedIn Learning].

In the video, he describes a method for syncing photos / books / music / etc., from your Mac to your iPad. He stated that one must choose to either sync ALL of one category, or one must select the individual items in each category.

This seems rather archaic and tedious, and harkens back to the days of using MobileMe, which was a complete and utter failure. Indeed, I have not had to connect either of my iPads via CABLE to my iMac since about 5 years ago!

It seems like Apple is going backward in their way of syncing iPads and iPhones with their Mac counterparts. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me as to what this archaic methodology of syncing means? I thought that we were way beyond using a cable to connect our devices and used wireless connectivity instead?

Your thoughts are most welcome. I would like to know what is going on with this seeming reversal of technology.

~Antonio Dominion

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