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Cannot import iPhoto files to Photos within Catalina

Good day,

I have several old iPhoto files (some of which are in the GB size range).

I am under 10.15 (Catalina), and running Photos.

Copying back the iPhoto file(s) in question to my MBP desktop, I have tried the import function (option key then start Photos). This did not work, beyond creating a Photo file of roughly the same size.

The created file cannot open up in Photos. After numerous tries I am at my wits-end…HELP!!

NOTES: I also have VMware Fusion 11.5. I also have Time Machine-saved dates (back several years), but Catalina cannot restore them (I created a post on Catalina on this…lookup my username Merl1n to read it).

Is there a 3rd party program (either on Mac or WinTel platforms) that can read the iPhoto files, then save them to a format that Photos can read?

Some of these files are from Weddings, so yes, they are important.

Kindly advise.

Thank you in advance.



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