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I ordered a new MacBook Air (Retina) yesterday and it arrived this morning but, upon checking the Model and Part numbers, my part number doesn’t seem correct?

The model number on the box is: A1932

The part number is: MVFN2B/A

The model number appears to be correct but, when compared to the part numbers on the Apple website, my part number doesn’t match the one on the website which is: MVFN2LL/A

So, my part number is MVFN2B/A compared to MVFN2LL/A on the Apple website!

There is one (1) character missing before the forward slash?

For the MacBook Air, I’ve gone from 2019 back to 2014 checking model numbers and all years have seven (7) characters before the “/“ but my model number only has six (6)?

This doesn’t seem right, can anyone advise please!

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