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Macbook Air Early 2015 having issues

Hello Everyone.

I am a genuine and a very loyal customer of APPLE but from last 1 year they are not responding well. I am facing several issues in my MacBook Air early 2015. I was working on that and it suddenly turned off and not starting up. I call apple support they told me to visit apple service center and I visited there they told me to check the product. I submitted the product and after 2 days they called and said that your logic board is not working and it will cost you INR 45000/- and in just 2 years it got damaged. How can it be possible please tell me. I also have an Ipad air 32 gb it also was not taking charging with the original charger after 1 year and 2 months. Please come together and raise a voice about the support. Just think, How can I afford after every year a huge amount. Please come together.

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