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How do I disable Siri Knowledge on the Three Finger Tap word look up?

Three Finger tap word look up used to be in my opinion one of the best features macOS had, up until you introduced/forced Siri Knowledge in macOS Mojave.

Ever since it's been really laggy and slow, taking several seconds to show the word definition while before it was instant.

Not only that, quite often, it doesn't even show the meaning of the word, but instead some random Wikipedia page that's completely unrelated and unwanted, instead of the definition, a straightforward thing that used to always work. And there is no way to disable this useless functionality that I presume is a poorly thought out attempt to force people to use Siri.


How do I disable Siri Knowledge on the Three Finger Tap word look up?

Why did you have to ruin it?

Just allow us to pick the information sources. I'm not interested in Siri Knowledge, Movies or Maps. I just want a simple, quick dictionary, like it used to be.

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